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Strawberry Mojito Infusion Jar Kit

Strawberry Mojito Infusion Jar Kit


Who could think of a more refreshing drink? The Strawberry Mojito. There is nothing quite like this classic combination of mint, lime and rum to hit the spot! Our infused strawberries, lime and mint takes this drink to an elevated level. Each infusion comes with an easy, printed recipe & instructions. Also comes in our mason jar with a pour spout.

Infuse in: Light Rum for 3 days. Shake jar & strain.
Pour over ice and add sparkling soda water.

Tip: If you prefer it a little spicy, try adding a few slices of jalapeno! Want a mocktail? Swap out the rum for sparkling soda water. Like Spindrift!

Ingredients: Real dehydrated lime, mint, strawberries, a pure cane sugar cube

Kits are freshly handmade to order

Each jar will make multiple cocktails