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Highland Cow Vent Air Freshener

Highland Cow Vent Air Freshener


 The car air freshener applies cute highland cow style, the workmanship, and design are exquisite. It can not only satisfy the fragrance diffusion function, but also add fun to your journey. You can apply it as a gift to send to yourself, your family or your friends, people who receive it will like it very much.
【Easy To Install】: The installation is simple and not complicated. You can install any type of air outlet, clip it in the air outlet of the car air conditioner, instrument panel or any place you like to make your car warm and fashionable.
【Main function】: Help to keep the air fresh in the car and make the oil volatilize better, just need a few drops of essential oils and help you relieve stress well. Aroma around you, bring you good mood. Minimize some smell you don’t like. Use your favorate essential oil to enjoy your daily life, your trip.